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Opportunities for India in FP7 2012 Work Programmes

European Union and India Enhanced Cooperation Framework for Improved Bilateral Dialogue in the Fields of Science and Technology

EUINEC is a BILAT project funded by the European Commission via the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development, Capacities specific programme, International Cooperation.

EUINEC works to improve Scientific and Technological cooperation between India and the EU by increasing awareness among Indian and European stakeholders about cooperation opportunities as well as capacity building activities for more successful collaboration.

The Seventh Framework Programme is the main funding instrument for Research and Development within the European Union; Indian organisations are encouraged to take part, in collaboration with European partners. EUINEC serves as a single information point and provides practical information for both European and Indian organisations to initiate cooperation.

Become a Member of the EUINEC Co-op for free and benefit from various services such as E-training, partner search facilities and learn from others experiences in EU India cooperation. You can also take part in various events organized by EUINEC throughout India and the EU to learn more about EU India cooperation.

Through these and other activities and events, EUINEC will improve the flow of information on programmes and funding opportunities designed to support scientific and technological cooperation between the EU and India as well as identify and demonstrate mutual understanding, interest and benefit in S&T cooperation between the EU and India.

EUINEC Team is looking forward to working with you!

Work Programmes for 2012

News and Events
Ground-breaking insights into quantum chaos in ultracold gas
EU backs pioneering research on laser crystals
Improving decision making in complex crises situations
CORDIS Express: safe and secure supply of food
Food intake may affect anger in relationships
EU project explores the potential of clusters for cross-sector innovation
EU research offers 'promise' of improved food safety
Smart sensor technology to combat indoor air pollution
Mapping information sources for European farmers
CORDIS Express: Space research benefits life on Earth
EU-funded project develops roadmap for cooperative health research
Extraterrestrial life may exist on moon of Saturn
Former potash mine to help find life on Mars
Pioneering EU project on track to assess level of contaminants in seafood
EU project tackles growing pains of Europe´s grass producers
Open calls
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